Blake Shelton reflects on his past to prepare for the future Blake Shelton/YouTube screenshot
Blake Shelton/YouTube screenshot

The saying goes that you can’t move forward if you keep looking behind you; however, that’s exactly what Blake Shelton is doing. But, it isn’t exactly why you think.

Earlier this week, Blake had a face-palm moment when he realized his fall tour is just six weeks away. He tweeted, “How about I post some vids from spring tour 2 help get ready.”

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Blake then posted video that he shot in January explaining how his manager emailed him and said they needed a set list so they could prepare the country singer’s stage plot, light show and videos. While some artists schedule meetings with set designers, music producers and videographers to make their plans, Blake goes right to the source of his success — his fans.

So, after receiving that wake-up call, he hopped on a plane, tweeted his fans and did a free pop-up show in Birmingham, Alabama. In flight, he explains to the camera, “What I’m going to do tonight is walk out onstage and probably perform maybe every single that I’ve ever had out and just see which ones feel best to me now. You know, a lot has changed since this time last year. I’ve filmed two and a half seasons of ‘The Voice’ since then, gotten a divorce, got a girlfriend, I toured and now I’m putting together another tour, done two movies. It’s been insane. I think my show is probably going to reflect the differences and the things that have happened in my life since then. I do want to see what music that I’ve had in the past makes sense to me now to perform live.”


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The video isn’t all serious, though. Blake admits that after looking back at meet-and-greet photos, he realized he wears the same two shirts “basically every day of my life… but they’re always clean.” He also noticed a fan with a cardboard cut out of him and after one of his band members asked him what it was like to see that, he thoughtfully and hilariously answered, “You know what, it makes you think — should I have been wearing a plaid shirt for an album cover when I was 70 pounds overweight?”


According to the video’s title, this is just episode 1 of the behind-the-scenes videos with Blake, so hopefully we’ll see more. In addition to launching his fall tour, the 11th season of “The Voice” kicks off Sept. 19, which means Blake is going to be pulling double duty. He’ll be joined by fellow coaches Adam Levin, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

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