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Blake Shelton has heard contestants sing his songs on “The Voice” before, but he’s looking forward to the day somebody tries out with his new song, “Friends.” He wrote that song for the new film, “The Angry Birds Movie,” in which he also lends his voice as “Earl,” the hillbilly pig.

Since this is the first time he’s written a song specifically for a movie, Blake says it would be cool to hear that song show up on his TV show.

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Blake says, “Hollywood is so new to me, and to know that I wrote this song that ended up in a movie that came back and was performed on my TV show that I’m on — that’s some serious Hollywood inbreeding right there.”

Even though he’s a big TV and movie star now, it’s still great to hear Blake make a joke about inbreeding, right? Now, that’s country!

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As for his character in “The Angry Birds Movie,” the filmmakers took inspiration from Blake himself to get the hillbilly pig drawn just right. They even gave “Earl” a chicken tracks tattoo similar to the deer tracks tattoo Blake has on his arm.

Blake says of seeing that little tattoo on “Earl,” “They put a lot of thought into this, and they had me at that moment.”

“The Angry Birds Movie” opens May 20.

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