Blake Shelton lays it all on the line in new interview Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube screenshot
Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube screenshot

It’s always fun to see country stars out of their element, like when they go to New York to promote new music or an upcoming tour. It’s especially fun when they are as real and honest as Blake Shelton.

The country star is currently in the Big Apple promoting his upcoming tour, the new season of “The Voice” and his newest album, “If I’m Honest.” On Aug. 4, he appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and the hilarity that we always hope for with Blake definitely ensued.

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Blake presented the Late Night host with a bottle of his Smithworks Vodka and the pair sipped on vodka and Sprite Zero throughout the interview. Seth asked Blake about bringing Bette Midler on as an mentor for his team on “The Voice,” and Blake explained that every year the producers ask him who he wants and he shoots for the moon.

“Bruce Springsteen, if you can get Springsteen. Garth Brooks, see what he’s doing,” he said sarcastically. “And so, once again, Bette Midler, see what she’s got going on. And I’ll be damned, she wasn’t doing anything.” He also confirms that Bette is exactly how you see her in the movies. When Seth asked if Blake was a fan of Bette’s movies, he replied, “Oh my God, yes! ‘Beaches?’ O-M-G!”

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It got a little less hilarious and a lot more precious when Seth asked about Blake’s relationship with Gwen Stefani. Specifically, the host asked if Blake was familiar with his girlfriend’s music before they started dating. “I didn’t think I knew much of her music until you go to one of her shows. I remember, this [was] like a month ago, she flew into Oklahoma and I was driving to pick her up at the airport and I was flipping through XM Radio and I stopped on this song and thought, ‘That voice sounds like… that sounds like Gwen. Why don’t I know this?’ And it’s a song called ‘It’s My Life,’ which was a huge record for them! And I’m going, ‘Holy hell, I didn’t know Gwen sang that song.’ I’ve always known ‘Hey Baby.’ I didn’t know she sang that freakin’ song, all these songs! It’s like, ‘That’s you? It’s you? And we’ve kissed? That’s amazing!’” He also explained that Gwen knew a couple of his more popular songs, too.


And don’t for one second think that New York is void of good country music fans. They are there, they’re loud and they’re proud!

While in New York City, Blake also performed on “Good Morning America” on Aug. 5 and as the cameras panned the crowd outside the studio, they were singing every word to every song, including his newest hit, “She’s Got a Way with Words.”

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