Things are getting really weird at Blake Shelton’s house, and he’s putting it all out there on Instagram.

Only Blake would post a video of his dog humping his cat. We all know it’s about exerting dominance, but things get mighty confusing when you find out the genders of the animals involved in this act.

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Blake works it all out in his caption, “Betty is the girl. Dave is the boy. OK … Betty is the DOG. Dave is the CAT!!!!!!”

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He follows it up with, “#ineedadrink” and “whycantihavenormalpetslikeeveryoneelse.”

All of this went down first thing in the morning, so God knows where Blake’s day will end up from there.

The comments on Insta were priceless. One fan wrote, “Seriously gross … put a stop [to] that before it happens … geez.” Another wrote, “My dog humps my cat all the time, and they are both girls.”

You’ve gotta admit that no one in country music keeps it real like Blake Shelton. Who else would post this video footage for the world to see?

Don’t ever change, Blake!

Blake Shelton just posted a most explicit Instagram video Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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