Blake Shelton is changing quickly thanks to his “sexy” new title YouTube/TheEllenShow

“You can’t be the sexiest man alive unless you are the sexiest man alive,” Blake Shelton told Ellen DeGeneres as he appeared on her talk show in a tuxedo paired with stark white gym socks  — definitely not his usual attire.

“Are you changing the entire look now?” Ellen said through laughter to the man recently maned People magazine’s 2017 “Sexiest Man Alive.”

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“I have been fat and ugly my whole life, and if only for one year to I get to be ‘sexy,’ I am going to milk this for everything that it’s worth,” Blake told her and the audience, which responded with cheers.

“The mullet’s coming back this year!” he said. “That used to be ugly. It’s officially sexy now.”

Blake teased Ellen that his BFF and “frenemy,” Adam Levine, wasn’t too pleased about the “Sexiest Man Alive” news, even though he too held the title in 2013.

“He’s not happy,” Blake joked. “He’s, like, the good-looking guy on ‘The Voice’ anyway, he’s not happy because he was the only sexy guy on the panel until this new law of the land was enforced by People magazine.”

These two!

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So how is Blake’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani taking the news? Ellen teased Blake that Gwen would now take a backseat to his sexiness, prompting Blake to laugh and admit, “I feel bad for her.”

“She has been in the spotlight and this symbol of beauty,” he joked. “It’s gonna be humbling for her, but she has a big enough heart that she can deal with it.”

“She has a good personality and that’s all that counts,” Ellen joked back about the celebrated beauty.


Obviously these two are completely teasing—Gwen is the queen all day, every day. Just ask doting boyfriend Blake.

But the jokes made for one of the best Blake interviews we’ve seen in a long time.

Milk the title for all it’s worth, Blake, you deserve it!

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