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Blake Shelton sure does have a way with words — that is, if we’re talking about him being on Twitter.

The country crooner is notorious for sharing allegedly “drunk” tweets to his more than 17 million followers on social media. And, while those messages are always whittled down to 140 characters or less, some of them are downright absurd!

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From making witty remarks to some of his country cohorts to getting into quarrels with internet trolls, it only makes sense that Blake would know a thing or two about crafting together an inebriated tweet.

And sure enough, he does. During a recent interview with “Billboard,” Blake revealed his choice for what he calls the “top three tips for drunk tweeting.” And, what might they be you ask?

“Well, I think the first tip would be to drink until you feel intoxicated. It’s hard to send out a drunk tweet if you’re not drunk,” says Blake. “Then I think you need to think real hard about if you can live with what you say in the morning. No. 3 is you’re drunk, so you’re probably going to go ‘I don’t care.’ And, you’re going to Tweet it anyway.”

Of course, Blake isn’t always jumping on Twitter with drink in hand to engage in hilarious or so-called “mean tweets.” Often times, he puts the halt on those tweets to use the site for exciting news. Recently, Blake took to Twitter to let his fans and followers know that he is venturing off to random places to throw pop-up concerts. He even played a game with them saying, “I have the day off and a map of the United States in front of me. Where should I go?”


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Blake’s first pop-up show took place at the Whiskey Tango in Grain Valley, Missouri. Needless to say, it was packed.

“In 15 years I’ve definitely been seeing the fan base grow thank God,” said Blake. “You know, that’s what I think we all hope for. It’s the fans that were 24 when I was 24. Now, they’re bringing their kids with them to the shows.”

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