Blake Shelton delivered one of the best CMA Award acceptance speeches ever CMA Country Music Association/YouTube screenshot
CMA Country Music Association/YouTube screenshot

Blake Shelton doesn’t need an award to prove he’s the best, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love it.

Back in 2012, Blake took home the highest honor a country artist can win — the CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year (EOTY). Believe it or not, for all Blake has done in his entire career, he’s only taken home this coveted award that one time. To emphasize how hard it is to win, however, bear in mind the most any artist has is four (Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney both hold that honor.)

“That’s obviously the highest honor you can receive as an artist from the CMA. It was unbelievable for me because it’s something that I’ve always strived to do. Whether I was onstage or wherever it was to entertain. I’m a ham and I’ve always been that way,” said Blake.

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That’s the thing, the EOTY trophy isn’t just won by putting out a ton of hits. It’s everything that you do. Sure, it’s rooted in concerts and tours, but when CMA voters are casting their ballots, they take a lot of different things into consideration. That’s a good thing for Blake, too, because when it comes to just a concert, even with the plethora of hits that he has, he has a hard time competing with the electricity of a Keith Urban concert or the legendary status of a Garth Brooks show. Luckily for Blake, he’s a funny son of a gun who is not afraid to be who he is.

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Blake reflected in his unforgettable awards speech, “I’m not afraid to be myself. I think the worst thing you can do as an artist, of any kind not just music just an artist of any kind, is try to blend in. You’ve got to stand for something, you’ve gotta be somebody. You gotta not be afraid to offend some people along the way because if you’re just trying to please everybody you’re really not standing for anything.”


And that’s just one of the many reasons why we love Blake so darn much.

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