Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus cowboy it up in the ultimate yodel showdown Facebook / The Voice
Facebook / The Voice

If you’ve kept up with all 13 seasons of NBC’s “The Voice,” then you’d know full well that Blake Shelton is the longtime country coach. So, whenever someone threatens to steal his title from him, he puts up his defenses.

And that’s exactly what happened during season 13’s “The Voice” finale on Dec. 19.

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Guarding his territory, Blake appeared in a hilarious new segment with fellow coach Miley Cyrus. The superstar daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, and goddaughter to Dolly Parton, has been trying to steal Blake’s country thunder all season long. She even scored a few country singers for her team, including South Carolina native Ashland Craft.

So, when the two famous cohorts starred in the funny clip that aired during the finale, they did what any country folk would do: They challenged each other to a showdown at high noon – well, 3 p.m., really, because Blake apparently had to get a facial and couldn’t reschedule.

Once 3:00 rolled around, though, both stars showed up to their dueling location dressed in their cowboy best. Miley paired studded cowgirl boots with red pants and a red Stetson hat. She also wore her hair in braids. Blake, meanwhile, sported some wooly chaps and a bandana. He also moved his mouth around as if he was about to spit out some tobacco before choking on it. The intensity buil, as the two challengers made their way to the middle of a dirt-covered street, accompanied by the sounds of western-style music.

Miley was first to speak.

“Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit.” she said, while sizing up her opponent. “Look who’s here!”

“Miley, you’ve been a burr in my saddle all season long,” Blake replied.


Then, to mimic the old stereotypes used in many other classic westerns, a frightend stranger nearby rose from his chair to run into the local saloon as Blake and Miley whipped out their respective microphones.

After Blake used his musical weapon to deliver a few yodels, Miley took her turn. To Blake’s surprise, she did a pretty decent job. So, he decided to see if the “Younger Now” singer could name the singers of some of country music’s most traditional tunes, including “I Fall To Pieces,” “He Stopped Loving Her Today” and “Mama Tried.”


After Miley got all of the singers’ names and song years correct, she pulled out her trusty lasso and wrangled up the “Ol’ Red” singer.

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“Now that’s country!” Blake, who won “The Voice” later that same night with former Team Miley member Chloe Kohanski, said. “You proved yourself today, Cyrus.”

She sure did.

Nashville-based writer and Rare Country contributor Melinda Lorge has always been passionate about country music. Follow her @MelindaLorge and join the conversation @RareCountry.
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