Billy Ray Cyrus endures painfully awkward interview with Wendy Williams YouTube/Wendy Williams
YouTube/Wendy Williams

Billy Ray Cyrus stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” on July 12 to promote the return of his CMT comedy series “Still The King.” The interview started off strangely and got more painfully awkward from there, as Wendy lobbed a series of comments and questions at the singer-actor.

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At first, Billy Ray was met with warm and welcoming cheers from the studio audience. In the moments following, however, it became clear that Wendy was not prepared for the conversation.

“Do you know where you are?” she began oddly, as Billy Ray situated himself on the couch.

“I like your hair. It’s really long. Still the mullet,” she then commented, before praising him with more compliments. “I see where your daughter gets her eyes. Your eyes are hypnotizing. You’re a very good looking man. And so is your wife.”

Wait … what?

Billy Ray ignored the confusing comment about wife Tish, and seemed flattered by all of the praise. But when it came to questions about his famous family, he needed to clue Wendy in on many of the details.

“Your daughter. Her name starts with a ‘T,’” Wendy struggled. “I’m forgetting her name. The one who was on MTV.”

“Noah?” Billy Ray replied.

“Noah, exactly. I’m sorry, an ‘N,’” Wendy self-corrected.

After forgetting Noah’s name, Wendy then proved she didn’t know much else about the rest of the Cyrus clan either. In fact, she couldn’t quite nail down the details of the home design show that Tish and daughter Brandi star on.

“The home one on HGTV,” she guessed, before Billy Ray corrected her, telling her the program actually airs on Bravo.

“I’m sorry. But it’s one of those shows where she’s fixing houses.” Wendy added, to which the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer replied with the title, “Cyrus vs Cyrus.”


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“I know. I know stuff. I’ve seen,” Wendy defensively replied.

Watch the video above to see more awkwardness unfold.

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