As they prepare for fatherhood, Florida Georgia Line dig deeper into their roots Instagram/@playbkplay

Whatever you think you know about Florida Georgia Line will be turned upside down with a listen to their third album, “Dig Your Roots.”

As the title suggests, the duo’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are less concerned with chasing down another carefree party these days. Instead, the guys are digging deeper with songs about devoting themselves to their wives, starting a family and carrying on the legacy of faith and love they inherited from their respective parents.

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You can hear it in the title song, “Dig Your Roots,” which features a shout out from Tyler to his late father, who passed away a few years ago. His influence guides Tyler to this day as a musician and as a husband.

Tyler tells Rare Country, “Man, I think for me personally and BK [Brian Kelley], both of our fathers, they instilled a really hard work ethic. I think that’s something I’ll always be thankful for my dad. Both of our fathers taught us how to love a woman, and how to be a good husband. That’s something I know not everybody gets the opportunity to experience growing up and have that good experience. Those two things right there were things that have really been instilled in us from our dads, and something that I know helped us get to where we’re at today, you know.”

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Fans of FGL’s previous albums will be happy to hear new, party-ready tracks like the album-opening “Smooth” and the sexy island jam “Life Is a Honeymoon,” featuring Ziggy Marley. Instead of singing about a girl they just met, Tyler and Brian are consistently singing about their ongoing love for their wives on “Dig Your Roots.” That theme especially shows up in the blockbuster lead single, “H.O.L.Y.,” as well as the sentimental invitation to lifelong love found in the lyrics of the album cut “Grow Old.”


Says Brian, “I think we’re hitting messages and things that we’ve never hit before that are very important to us. There’s a lot of sides to who we are. You can’t cover that in two or three or four albums.”

“Dig Your Roots” also sees Brian stepping out as a lead singer on quite a few tracks, which gives the album a truly different feel from FGL’s first two projects.

“That was a cool experience, man,” Brian tells us. “I think it just kind of came with certain songs. There was a couple songs that just felt like my voice was gonna go lead on it, and Tyler was gonna sing some harmonies and switch it up a bit. For our fans, it’s a different flavor of what we can do. Also, doing something different. Never making the same record is on our minds.”

Florida Georgia Line launched “Dig Your Roots” with a big party at Ellis Island in New York City.

The event was held in the same room where millions of immigrants were processed as they came to America to start a new life. It was a very appropriate spot for FGL to kick off this second chapter of their career. The guys were presented with a plaque commemorating the platinum success of “H.O.L.Y.” and then presented the world premiere of their dramatic new video with Tim McGraw, “May We All.”

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