It had to be a little scary for Jana Kramer when she sat down for a reading with “Hollywood Medium’s” Tyler Henry. Since neither Tyler nor Jana knew whom he would connect with, the clairvoyant young man could have communicated with anyone, including Jana’s ex-husband, Michael Gambino, who committed suicide after serving a term in prison for attempted murder.

Fortunately, as the young man began to reach into Jana’s past, it wasn’t that dark. In fact, what he revealed was enlightening and emotional for the actress-turned-country star.

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Jana specifically asked about her daughter Jolie’s future and Tyler confirmed, “Overall health wise, your daughter is all good,” then he revealed something more personal. “Fertility seems to be what’s connecting, what’s coming through. I view her as a miracle,” he said.

A tearful Jana then admitted that she was told she would have problems conceiving, but Tyler went on to add that she would have a second child.

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Fans of “Hollywood Medium” know that the 21-year-old with this amazing gift intentionally insulates himself from news and pop culture in order to give the purest readings, so it is unlikely that he would know about Jana’s past with either Gambino or her separation from husband Michael Caussin.

That was actually all Jana got from Tyler. Since she had brought several of her gal pals with her to the reading, the voices of their passed relatives, including one friend’s mom and another’s dad, were the ones the medium picked up on. Even though Jana brought items that belonged to her grandfather, she smiled and said, “I didn’t need him tonight, Leslie needed her mom.”

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