Usually, the hectic NASCAR season doesn’t leave much time for getaways for drivers and their significant others. However, newlyweds Amy and Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently made time for a quick getaway for the sweetest reason.

They needed to schedule some family time!

“We went to Honduras for a couple of days,” Dale Jr. shared in a podcast released on June 1. “Just a quick 3.5 hour flight.”

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The couple decided to travel to the beautiful country after a few members of Amy’s family expressed an interest in wanting the couple to join them there. And in the podcast, Dale Jr. couldn’t sound more relaxed, saying that he was enjoying some beach and beers, and having a bunch of fun.

“Tuesday evening sunset eating fish the gang caught earlier that morning,” Dale Jr. wrote on one of the many Instagram photos that Amy and he shared with fans during their short vacation.

Monkey La La

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Roatan Honduras 🇭🇳

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Honduras 🇭🇳

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Of course, the couple has been open about their hopes to start a family, and heck knows that vacations can serve as a perfect setting for some good ole baby making. Yet, the two were already back in the States on June 1, as Dale Jr. has to get ready for the next NASCAR race.

Amy and Dale Earnhardt Jr. share pics of their quick trip abroad Instagram/MrsAmyEarnhardt
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