After this terrifying wound, Meghan Linsey taps into her inner “Beauty" Instagram/@MeghanLinsey

Can we all just give sweet and talented Meghan Linsey a round of applause for demonstrating amazing grace and full disclosure as her beautiful face healed after she was bitten by a brown recluse spider on Feb. 12. Now, the bite of a brown recluse isn?t just painful, it?s highly toxic. Their venom causes necrosis in the skin, meaning the tissue will die.

Gross, huh? Well, Meghan knew that it was gross and sometimes difficult to look at, but she also knew her friends and fans wanted to be made aware of her condition and were curious about the healing process of such a gruesome wound.

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After a few scary weeks of swelling, hyperbaric treatments and facing possible scarring, Meghan has shared a new photo, and it looks like her sweet face will heal beautifully!

The most remarkable thing may be that through this frightening time, Meghan has maintained a positive attitude and even a sense of humor. She has joked about her eyebrows, introduced us to her precious puppies and even gone on a glamping adventure. But her most recent post has us hysterical and a bit awestruck as well. She combined her love for singing and her funny bone to cover the theme song from ?Beauty and the Beast? in a video starring none other than Doug the Pug.


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The four-legged social media sensation is taking advantage of the upcoming premiere of the classic fairy tale starring Emma Watson with his own short film, and Meghan absolutely wails on the theme. She sounds like a girl who knows a thing or two about beauty.

Let?s make that round of applause a standing ovation.

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