A poignant photo shared by Tim McGraw will break your heart Getty Images/Christopher Polk
Getty Images/Christopher Polk

The old parental saying that you blink your eyes and your kids are grown up is ringing true at Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s house.

… A little too true for the country superstars.

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Tim posted a photo on his Instagram Nov. 2 that both melted and broke our hearts, all at the same time.

It’s the spot inside one of the home’s door frames where Tim and Faith have measured their three daughters’ heights over the years.

“Boy, heading into the holiday season really makes you reflect on how quickly they grow, and that time is precious,” Tim captioned the shot.

I know, our eyes our getting misty, too. Especially seeing how much the girls have grown up in the last few years.

They are all teenagers now. Gracie is 19, Maggie is 18 and Audrey is 15. Gracie and Maggie are both off at college, but Audrey is still at home with mom and dad.

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We know Tim, Faith and Audrey will be very happy to see the older girls during the holiday breaks this year—and maybe chart their heights again! Some traditions should never die.

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