A new perspective gives Joey+Rory a newfound hope going into the holiday season blog

Sometimes, you just need a new view.

Sometimes you need a new place and a new room and a brand new way of looking into the future that still looks dire but is feeling brighter at this very moment.

Sometimes, you need to make a change.

And that’s exactly what Joey+Rory just did.

Continuing to wrestle with the closing stages of her cancer battle, Joey Feek, hubby Rory and dear daughter Indiana made a change this week, moving into a new home in the town in which Joey grew up. The move was explained in a Dec. 4 blog post, along with some other uplifting news.

“Joey’s still feeling pretty good.  Really good actually.  We’ve been able to keep her pain under control for the most part and her spirit is just as positive as ever.  Even more so here lately. We moved Joey and us to a bigger house here this past Sunday.  Indy and I had been living out of a suitcase and needed a little more room and this place has a big picture window in the bedroom so Joey can look out and see white geese and black swans swimming in the pond and deer walking down the path.  It’s amazing. another blessing from someone in the community who just wants to help. I took a picture the first morning we got here.  Joey woke up excited about the view and put her make-up and wig on and just kept staring out the window as she ate her breakfast.


She looked so beautiful.”

Yes she does Rory. Yes she does.

Tricia Despres is a senior correspondent for Rare Country, based out of Chicago. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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