NASCAR driver Kyle Busch is a star on each and every track where he races. But his wife Samantha is becoming quite a star herself, thanks to what she has been up to off the track.

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In fact, countless fans have found inspiration from Samantha thanks to her fitness blog, where she shares her fitness journey and the moves that she does to keep up her amazing physique. In a brand new Instagram pic, Samantha showed that hard work does, in fact, pay off.

“Lots of you ladies asked me my fav moves to banish bra fat,” she wrote in her July 18 post. “You know, that annoying bulge that hangs over the back of your bra and by your armpits, making strapless dresses a nightmare! Here are some moves that will help you quickly tone up!”

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Feeling inspired? Samantha gives details on her blog about just what it takes to pull it off.

“I like to do each move 15 times (per side where applicable) and aim for three sets,” she writes. “But to start, just do as much as you can. A good rule of thumb is that by the last rep of a move, the weight you are holding should be hard to lift. If it’s easy, add more weight. If the body weight moves are too easy, add more reps. If you are just starting out, just going through the motions is a great start — and work your way up to using small weights.”

A NASCAR star’s wife shows off her insane physique Instagram/SamanthaBusch
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