A music legend’s family shares stunning new maternity photos Instagram/@royorbisonjr

Well, won’t this just be the best Valentine’s Day ever for Roy Orbison Jr. and his wife, Asa?

The couple is expecting their second child — a son — to arrive on Feb. 14, and we can not get over these stunning maternity photos they just shared with “People.”  Take a look!

The son and daughter-in-law of the late Roy Orbison are already parents to a handsome boy, Roy III, who is just shy of 2 years old!

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For the new maternity photos, Asa told “People” that they wanted to keep things simple, comfortable and cozy, which is why they were shot in the family’s Nashville home. In the images, Asa is wearing a silk robe given to her by her mother.


She looks radiant and so happy—as does little Roy III.

“I wanted to capture the connection between Roy III and me with Bo in my belly getting ready to come out and join us,” she told “People.”

That’s going to be baby Orbison’s name: Bo Alexander Orbison, a tribute to Asa’s father Bo and Roy’s late mother, Barbara Orbison. Roy’s younger brother is Alexander, which is where that part of the name originated.

And even though the grownups seems to have everything figured out, Asa told “People” that Roy III is having a bit of a hard time understanding it all.


“He points at my belly and says ‘Bo,’ but he also believes there is a Bo in his own belly, so I am not sure that he really understands that Bo is a baby,” she said.

Well, bless his heart, he’s about to find out—and we think he’ll be over the moon about it all and a great big brother, according to his mama.

“We bought a doll to practice with, and from what we’ve seen so far, Roy III will be the most caring and loving big brother anyone could ask for,” she said of her oldest.


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And there will no doubt be music—lots and lots of music—in baby Bo’s future. His brother already has a head start as he gets to listen to his dad play guitar every night before bed, and most importantly listening to the recorded music of his grandfather, Roy Orbison, on constant repeat.

Asa said Roy III’s favorite song is “Oh, Pretty Woman,” adding, “We all hear it at least three times a day.

“Bo will recognize his grandfather’s voice as one of the voices he has heard from the outside during the pregnancy,” Asa predicted.

Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve read all day?

We know that Roy and Barbara would be so proud of this beautiful family and their dedication to keeping their legacy alive and well.

Congratulations to this precious family.

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