A member of this hot country band takes surfing to a new level Instagram/@midlandofficial

Sensational new band Midland is already setting the world of country music on fire with their stone cold country sound on songs like “Drinkin’ Problem” and “Make a Little.” They’ve also got a traditional country look, reminiscent of the Flying Burrito Brothers, that makes them stand apart from the skinny jeans and T-shirt crowd.

And if you haven’t caught on to it yet, Midland is becoming equally as well known for their hilarious antics on and offstage. Even Little Big Town joked with Rare Country’s Hunter Kelly that they were a little scared of the band who is their opening act on the “The Breakers Tour” next year.” If you hadn’t heard the stories or seen proof with your own eyes, we would like to submit for your consideration the following video.

But be careful. The language isn’t safe for work or little ears.

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Apparently the band’s bass player and background vocalist, Cameron Duddy, recently celebrated his 32nd birthday. Nothing out of the ordinary there. It’s just the way that Cameron chose to mark the occasion that has us a little nervous.

In a video clip shared on the band’s Instagram page, Cameron is seen laying on the roof of a moving van. He then slides down the window on his belly until he makes it to the front of the vehicle and gives one dang good demonstration on hood surfing.

In cowboy boots.

Keep in mind, the van is still rolling down the street.

He then scales the front window up to the roof of the van, calmly explaing, “That’s how you f**king do it on your 32nd birthday.” He then stands, bellows loudly and we immediately have flashbacks of Michael J. Fox in “Teen Wolf.”

Don’t you?

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To our knowledge, no one was harmed in the filming of this video. And while it does seem a little crazy, we don’t think his fellow Midlanders, Mark Wystrach and Jess Carson, would have let Cameron do anything that could have seriously hurt their band mate.

Again … we don’t think.

Maybe Midland will dial it back a bit to make sure Cameron sees his 33rd birthday, or maybe they won’t and they’ll give us plenty more to giggle and gasp about. We’re betting they’re just embracing being one of country music’s hottest new acts and living life on full tilt. We just want them to stay safe until we find out if they’re winners at this year’s Rare Country Awards.


That’s really up to you, though. Midland is nominated for New Artist of the Year in the Rare Country Awards, and our readers are deciding the winner. Vote now through Dec. 13 at Winners will be revealed during a livestreamed concert event on Dec. 14 in Nashville.

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