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We hear country artists talk about how great their fans are every time we interview them, every time they accept an award and every time they achieve a milestone in their careers. And not only do we believe it, but we also know it! We interact with great country fans every day on our social media pages. Country fans are not just incredibly supportive of the format, they’re also warm, friendly, smart, funny and stronger than we could imagine. And Michella Flores has blown us away with her fortitude.

Involved in one of the most devastating tragedies to ever affect country music, Michella appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” to share her story.

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Like thousands of other country music fans, Michella was in Las Vegas on Oct. 1. The flight attendant was on a layover and decided to head over to the Route 91 Harvest Festival to catch Jason Aldean’s show.

As we now know, she caught more than that.

Michella was there when the rapid succession of gunfire showered down on fans enjoying a weekend of great music. And although she got away with no physical injuries, it’s hard to imagine that the memories of that horrific event don’t still haunt her.

Except that it didn’t end there.

Michella returned to work the next day saying, “You have to keep going,” but just a few days later, her life was upended again when wildfires in California swept through her Santa Rosa, California, home, causing heavy damage one night, then reigniting the second night and destroying the house.

Even after all of that, the former firefighter/paramedic finds hope in the cinders. She tells Megyn, “I think that’s, too, why I keep coming back here and trying to have some positive things happen. Trying to find some Christmas ornaments, trying to find things that mean something to me that still says, ‘This is your home.’”

As much as it seems as if Michella and her parents have lost everything, it also appears that they’ve gained something else—a network of support. A GoFundMe page has raised money for the family, but has also found them on the receiving end of packages of Christmas goodness to make their holiday complete.


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“It’s been amazing, the amount of people from all over the country that have helped,” she says. “It’s new beginnings. Being grateful for the outpouring of things that people have helped us do to have a nice Christmas.”

Now we can’t say that all of the people who helped make Michella’s Christmas brighter were country music fans, but we believe that like attracts like, and since like we said, country music fans are the best there is, well, you do the math!

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