Can you believe it’s been a year since Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren discovered that they were expecting their first baby together while simultaneously finalizing their adoption of sweet Willa Gray? And while that was happening, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, were learning that their pregnancy test read “negative.”

What a difference a year makes!

In a super cute photo that Hayley shared on her Instagram page, we are transported back that once-in-a-lifetime trip that the two couples made together to Africa, when both ladies still had flat tummies, but were sipping non-alcoholic beverages because babies were most definitely in their thoughts.

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Haley writes, “A year ago we were sipping mocktails  by the pool in the middle of the Serengeti after taking African pregnancy tests, one positive, one negative. Today, [Lauren] has her beautiful two babies home and I’m days away from having our baby girl!! Crazy how much can change in a year!!”

Yes it is, Haley!

Lauren also shared the same post with a tender message to her friend. “Getting a little emotional after this post Hay,” she writes. “So sweet. Gosh, I’ll never forget the emotions we were feeling that day. Got some bad news about Willa Gray’s adoption, then God surprises us with little Ada James — although Tyler and TR kept calling her ‘Johnny’ hahah. God is so good.”

Thanks to social media, country artists and their spouses have been able to take us on the journeys of their lives, including pregnancies and those moments shortly after the arrival of their babies. Of course, Hayley hasn’t delivered their baby girl yet, so we don’t have those pics, but both she and Tyler have shared images from their bump photo shoot. In them we see not only how beautiful pregnancy can be, but also how incredibly close this mom- and dad-to-be are.

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Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany, were also very open with their difficulties in getting pregnant, and then their joy as they traveled the road to being a mom and dad. Our first glimpse of their son, Memphis, came from the delivery room where Brittany, as radiant as ever, peeked at her newborn with dad keeping a watchful eye over them both.

OK Hayley and Tyler — we’re officially on baby watch. We can’t wait to meet your precious baby girl!

We also can’t wait to hear how Tyler and Brian do at this year’s Rare Country Awards. Florida Georgia Line is is nominated for Tour and Duo/Group of the Year in the Rare Country Awards, and it’s up to you to decide the winners. You have until Dec 13 to cast your votes at Winners will be revealed during a livestreamed concert event on Dec. 14 in Nashville.

A hot country mom-to-be reminds us how much difference a year can make Instagram/@hayley_hubbard
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