Grammy winner Rodney Crowell has been sidelined with a mysterious illness that has plagued him since 2014. The condition has put him on the sidelines and left him unable to pick up his Song of the Year trophy for “It Ain’t Over Yet” at the Americana Music Honors and Awards in September.

In a tweet posted Oct. 31, Rodney is now letting fans in on his long-awaited medical diagnosis of autonomic dysfunction, or dysatuonomia. It means his autonomic nervous system has been damaged.

Rodney writes, “I’m working on getting well. You can look up autonomic dysfunction, or dysautonomia, the diagnosis I was finally given for the wacky symptoms I’ve experienced since the summer of 2014, but I’d advise you not to bother. It’s more or less everything the medical community can’t readily prescribe medicine for.”

The symptoms for autonomic dysfunction include dizziness, fainting, digestive difficulties and vision problems, among others. Rodney isn’t going into detail on his particular symptoms, but he does open up on how the condition has affected him.

Rodney eplains, “In my case, a fine doctor figured out that my parasympathetic nervous system had gone to war with the sympathetic nervous system, which put my right-heavy brain in the tricky position of trying to figure out what to do with, and for, itself. Add a couple of herniated lumbar discs to the mix and voila — physical and mental train-wreck.”

He is hopeful there is a cure for his condition.

“I’m in the care of an excellent functional neurologist whose outside the box approach to human anatomy has me convinced the worst is over,” Rodney says. “Come the new year, I plan to be back in the flow. As of today, the signs are very good that I will be.”

We’re rooting for you, Rodney!

A Grammy-winning artist finally fills in fans about his recent health troubles Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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