It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 30 years that Alan Jackson has been making country music, scoring 35 No. 1 singles, selling more than 80 million records,  earning cases full of CMA, ACM and Grammy Awards, and performing for millions of fans. So, we trust he’s figured out what works for him and what doesn’t. We trust that he has, but The Band Perry’s fiddle player-turned ESPN reporter Jason Fitz doesn’t.

During a recent appearance on Ryen Rusillo’s popular radio show, Jason took part in a Q&A that had him dishing on his experiences in country music. Unfortunately, his first target was Alan.

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A caller identified as Cole asked Jason, “Who, of all the celebrities in country music, would you want to punch in the face?” Without hesitation, Jason blurted out, “Alan Jackson. Whole-heartedly Alan Jackson, all day, every day. [I] played with Alan Jackson on a TV thing years ago in a big orchestra. It was a Christmas special, and he didn’t like the mix in his monitors. He would only sing one word, ‘have.’ It was ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’ He kept going, ‘have, have,’ and he didn’t like the mix and he’d walk off after one word. It was the worst experience. So, yeah, Alan Jackson, top of the list.”

Wow! We figure after more than 1,000 live performances in his storied and successful career, Alan has likely done enough soundchecks that he probably can tell with one word, even one note, if his monitor mix is right. You know … experience does that.

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Believe it or not, Nashville is a pretty small town, especially the music industry, so you don’t very often hear anyone openly badmouth someone else in the biz. But considering his track record, we’re betting AJ isn’t worried about it.

A former member of the country music community just threw major shade at Alan Jackson Getty Images/Rick Diamond
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