A former Indy racer admits to finding love TWICE on “The Bachelor” YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live
Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s a new year, and with it comes a brand new season of “The Bachelor.” And while we must admit that the show has always been somewhat of an addiction for many of us here at Rare Country, a few of us are overly excited about this season in particular, considering that it features a former racer!

And yes, Rare Country loves racing!

As fans of the show know by now, former Indy Lights Series driver and one-time Indy 500 participant Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the new “Bachelor,” currently vying to find love with a throng of women looking to find their prince charming. And while the purpose of the show is to find one person to fall in love with, it’s sure sounding like this season took quite an interesting turn.

“I did fall in love [with] two women,” Arie said during a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” “Unfortunately you do have to pick just one. It’s just a very difficult process.”

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But while Jimmy pushed for more details, Arie remained tight-lipped about how the show will eventually turn out. “I have a pretty good poker face,” he laughed. “It’s difficult. I can’t tell you anything. It’s hard. I will say though that it was an amazing experience.”

Umm Arie — they all say that. But he did go a tad further about the apparent love triangle he found himself in during a recent interview with People magazine. “I’ve never been in that situation, and it was really hard,” he said. “And they were two very different women, and that’s what made it even harder.”

He added, “I didn’t know I was really capable of having strong feelings and being in love with more than one person, but that happened. The end was really difficult for me, and I think that it’s because it’s such a huge decision, and it’s my life. But I’m happy, and I wouldn’t have changed anything.”


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It’s a good attitude to have for Arie, who, as “The Bachelor,” gets his share of critics. Heck, it’s part of the job. Even with just one televised episode under his belt, Arie has already felt the brunt of comments from fans that weren’t too keen on his pick for the first impression rose.

“That first night was really nerve-wracking and, for me, I didn’t really know who was there for me,” Arie told E! News in a recent interview. “So for [contestant Chelsea] to take that initiative and to see me twice and to really make it known that she was interested really sort of gave me confidence and really showed me that she was there for me. In that moment, there’s so much more than what’s, I think, shown on camera … It’s more about a feeling. Yeah, looking back on it, I think she was a little bit controversial, but you’ll see a different side of her.”


We can’t wait!

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