A “Duck Dynasty” star speaks her truth regarding her current look Instagram/@missyduckwife

When someone turns to their socials to declare that they want to speak their truth and admit something, a fan’s mind can wander to everything from a horrible lie to a horrendous medical diagnosis.

Most minds don’t go to hair extensions.

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But that’s exactly what “Duck Dynasty’s” Missy Robertson confessed to having on Instagram Jan. 8 when she posted a new picture of herself.

“I have hair extensions,” she wrote. “They make me feel prettier. I wasn’t born with great hair. I’m afraid you’ll think I’m shallow after reading this … Do I have the guts to be authentic? It’s risky. You may judge me, think differently about me. I’m nervous even typing this. But our country is lacking truth and authenticity. It starts with us. It starts with me.”

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Some may chuckle that Missy, who married “Duck Dynasty’s” Jase Robertson at the tender age of 19 and recently shared a pic of their growing family on her Instagram page, is taking hair extensions so seriously. However, admitting to utilizing the common beauty trick is just a very small part of a very big goal that Missy and her family have going into 2018.

“My family has decided to claim the word ‘authenticity’ for 2018,” Missy wrote in her blog on Jan. 8. “Would you like to join us? It starts by admitting one of your flaws, no matter how substantial or silly it may seem. Admit it to yourself first. Then, if you have the guts, admit it to someone else, maybe even on social media.


“Please understand that I am looking neither for sympathy nor admiration by telling you this,” she said of her hair revelation. “Here is what my purpose is: authenticity. I have learned more about this subject over the past few years than I ever have before. This new world of social media, selfies and filters has literally taken the word authenticity completely out of the equation. What is real and what is fake? Do we even know anymore? Do our children and grandchildren know anymore? Will the next generation EVER know?  My children and I have committed to letting social media take a back seat in our lives for 2018.”

And in case you were wondering, Missy says her hubby Jase is ambivalent about what her hair looks like. “I have hair extensions and I could tell you that I have them because Jase likes me with them, but that would be false,” she writes in her blog. “He couldn’t care less.”

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