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It’s been just about seven months and a handful of days since Jackie Lee’s mother passed away from cancer. But she still creeps into everything he does, everything he says, and every song he writes.

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“I was just thinking about that the other day,” the country superstar in the making told Rare Country in an exclusive interview. “The new single ’Getting Over You’ definitely has nothing to do with the death of my mom, but the thing is that me and (co-writers) Brent (Anderson) and Paul (DiGiovanni) all have lost their moms and all of us had never imagined going through it. We didn’t have to say anything to each other in that writing room. We just knew what the other one was going through. So to come out with a song called ‘Getting Over You,’ – well, it’s hard to sing those words and not think of them.”

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Especially so, considering that Jackie’s mom was able to listen to this particular song before her untimely death. “I was talking to my aunt last night about how I’ve lived in Nashville for six years and have long felt that I have had a 30 pound weight tied to my ankle. I was always trying to please everyone before I had truly figured out who I am. But then, I write this three-minute song – and everything feels different. I believe in this song with all my heart.”

And Jackie says that is far from coincidence.

“My family and I have always been people of faith,” Jackie said quietly. “And while I can’t understand everything that happens, I do feel like my life and my career has changed since she got up there. All of a sudden I have this confidence to stand up for myself and for my music – and speak straight from my heart.”

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