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Margo Price is often hailed as a musical descendent of Loretta Lynn for her music’s straightforward country arrangements and her outspoken feminist lyrics on songs like “Pay Gap.” She wrote that one after she learned she made less money than one of her male artist counterparts at a festival.

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Ripping my dollars in half @candolin

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Margo’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude extends to her interviews as well, and she’s sharing her thoughts on the wave of female empowerment sweeping the nation as a result of the #MeToo movement.

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Margo tells “Rolling Stone,” “Women are not going to put up with shit anymore, and it’s amazing. I don’t know when actual equality will come, or if we need to burn more bras, but I’m happy to see some things coming to light, even if they’re kind of painful.”

Last year, Margo opened up about her own scary experience with harassment in the workplace. She was just 20 years old when she met up with a manager and a producer in Nashville to talk about singing some demo songs. She had one drink with them and suddenly felt sick.


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Margo tells “The New York Post,” “They said, ‘We put something [alcohol] in your drink because you didn’t look like you were having enough fun. They straight-up admitted it to me.”

Margo got out of that situation quickly, and she’s never named the manager or producer in question.

“I’ve been dealt with aggressively, and been in some dangerous situations,” she says. “I feel lucky that I wasn’t raped … and I shouldn’t have to feel lucky about it.”

Margo’s musical honesty extends to her telling the story of her family losing their farm to the government in the new song “Heart of America.”


At the time of her interview with “Rolling Stone,” President Donald Trump was speaking to a group of farmers in Nashville not far from Margo’s house. That scenario didn’t sit well with her.

She says, “I don’t understand how people think that some rich guy that has been handed everything his whole life knows anything about the struggling working class.”

Margo’s own road to stardom has not been an easy one, either. Shortly after moving to Nashville, Margo met her now-husband, Jeremy Ivey, and they started a band. Margo got pregnant soon after, which was an unexpected turn of events.

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She tells “People,” “I didn’t think we could have kids, so that was a surprise.”

The couple welcomed twin boys, Ezra and Judah, in 2010, but Ezra died due to a heart ailment. The loss sent Margo into a serious depression, and she coped by drinking heavily. After one night of heavy drinking, Margo ended up in jail for three days. She credits her husband for helping her through that rough time.

“I think it’s amazing that our marriage lasted after that because the statistics are not in our favor,” she says. “But he’s been there right beside me.”

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