Granger Smith reenacts proposal to wife Amber onstage Instagram/@grangersmith

It’s still early in 2018, but country star Granger Smith is already emerging as a frontrunner for “husband of the year.”

An incredible moment in which he paid tribute to his wife will melt your heart and make you love this guy even more, just when you thought that wasn’t possible.

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Here’s the story: Granger’s single, “Happens Like That,” is a very special moment in his show for everyone, especially couples in the audience, several of whom have gotten engaged while he performed it. But as special as the song is for those couples, it’s even more special for Granger, who wrote it for his beloved wife Amber.

Until recently, however, he’s never been able to sing it for her directly. But during a recent tour stop in Fort Worth, Texas, all that changed, and Granger posted video for us to see on Instagram.

“I sing this song every night but never to the girl I actually wrote it about … until now. @amberemilysmith Swipe to watch the whole thing!” he wrote on an Instagram post that shows the moment play out in a series of short videos.

The first video starts out with Granger speaking to the camera from Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s about to hop on a plane to Fort Worth for the show.

“It’s a special show because this is my wife’s hometown,” he says. “Her parents, her friends are all gonna be there. She’s gonna be there. I’m gonna try to make it a special night, because she deserves it.”

As he does at many shows, Granger welcomed a couple onstage for their proposal during the song, because the song’s lyrics talk about getting down on one knee. It’s so awesome to see him giving such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to folks in love to have a memory they’ll never forget.

But every time Granger sings this song, he thinks of his muse, Amber.

“There’s only one person that that story’s about, and she’s here tonight’,” he says before the big moment in Fort Worth. “She won’t know that this is happening at all.”

Turns out, he was planning to reenact their engagement! And it all went according to plan.

As the song got to the big moment where he sings, “One knee down with a diamond ring,” Granger dropped to his knees in front of his wife and recreated the moment he asked Amber to marry him. We couldn’t really see Amber’s reaction from the angle of the video, but you just know she’s absolutely on cloud nine.

Granger’s fans loved this video as much as we did.

“Honestly the cutest couple ever and the cutest song too!” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Definitely one of my favorites. You guys are [relationship] goals.”

Absolutely, yes they are.

“So happy you get to come home to such an amazing, supportive, gorgeous wife. This was the sweetest thing ever,” another fan wrote.

It truly was, and we have to think romantic gestures and moments like this help keep the spark alive when couples are apart. Amber is a tough cookie, and such a supportive wife. Road life isn’t easy for anyone, especially the family back home.

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Granger and Amber married in 2010 after meeting on the set of one of his music videos. They have three beautiful children together: a daughter named London and two sons named Lincoln and River.

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