A country star sends a heartfelt message of faith to thousands who shared their hearts Instagram/@justincolemoore

Not unlike many people who have lost loved ones, the holidays bring a bit of melancholy for Justin Moore.

Justin lost his grandfather, Tom Moore, in 2009. And like music lovers often do, he found a song that helped him come to grips with the devastating loss. Even though he didn’t write “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” Justin found that many of lyrics reflected his own story. And, as singers and songwriters will often tell you, if they can relate to the lyrics, then it’s probable that others will, too. As a result, that song has become a catalyst for healing for many people.

But as helpful as music is when it comes to soothing those broken hearts, sometimes it’s also beneficial to share your story with others.

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That’s what Justin encouraged with his “12 Days, 12 Stories” campaign. The country star and his team invited those who were feeling the pain of loss to share their stories on his socials, and they then highlighted a story a day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas.

The response was overwhelming, as each heartbreaking day’s story resulted in a thread of comments from others who were feeling the deep sting and ache of the loss of a loved one.

After the final story was told, Justin, guitar across his lap, shared a video on his Instagram page thanking everyone who participated. “Thank you for your involvement, and I’m so sorry for all your losses,” he began. “I will say, it’s obviously been very touching for me to go through and read all of your stories. As a Christian, I’m hopeful that not only myself but you guys will one day see again all of the people that we’re missing so badly.”

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Justin then dedicated a performance of “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” to the “thousands of people who shared theirs with us.”


We feel certain that Justin’s pawpaw is proud of how his grandson has not only designed his successful career, but also how he lives his life. The singer-songwriter is a loving husband to Kate and the proud father of three little girls—Ella, Kennedy, and Klein—and a new baby boy, Thomas South, named after his beloved grandfather.

Our thoughts and prayers join Justin’s in remembering all of those who have lost someone near and dear to their hearts.

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