A country star opens up about the surgery that could have cost him his career Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Lee Brice’s big voice has graced some of country radio’s biggest hits in the past few years, including “Love Like Crazy” and “I Drive Your Truck.” That voice has been sidelined for a while, though.

Lee just revealed he underwent through vocal surgery recently, and the recovery process was slow and a little scary.

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He tells “The Canton Rep,” “After the surgery, for two weeks, I could not open my mouth except to eat. Not a whisper, not a word, which was difficult with the kids. You get inside your head a lot.”

Lee slowly started to talk again, but his signature singing voice took a little while longer to come back.

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“When I went to sing some big notes, my voice would tickle and crap out,” Lee says, “but then I realized it’s a muscle you have to exercise and it started getting exponentially stronger. About two weeks ago, I realized I hit one of those big notes again.”

For now, Lee is most of the way back vocally.

He adds, “I’m having to re-learn how to control it.”

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