We’re always so proud of our country singers and songwriters and their unflappable commitment to support our nation’s military personnel. They never hesitate to cross oceans to visit with and entertain our troops. But if you’ve ever wondered if they are in any danger on such trips, Chase Rice may have some insight.

The handsome, young singer-songwriter who co-wrote Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” before scoring his own wins with “Ready Set Roll” and “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” is currently on an Armed Forces Entertainment tour in Korea, where he appears to have gotten dangerously close to the border between North and South Korea, and maybe even crossed it.

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And while we wouldn’t normally flinch about any of our country stars making this amazing gesture to our armed forces, Chase shared a photo on Instagram that makes us squirm a bit.

The image shows the country star sitting in front of a window with the curtains pulled open. On the other side of the glass is a North Korean soldier who looks a little less than happy that Chase has chosen to take a selfie. Apparently, though, his sour expression isn’t about the picture. Chase writes, “Well this is nuts. Standing in North Korea with a North Korean soldier staring at me with all sorts of pissed off in his eyes. I told him to go download my song ‘3 Chords & The Truth.’ He didn’t like that either.”

OK, yikes!

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Obviously, the United States military and Armed Forces Entertainment go to great pains to secure safe surroundings for any celebrity traveling to foreign military bases, but it’s still a little uncomfortable to see this particular soldier peering down at Chase. However, it’s possible that Chase meant that he is in South Korea on the border and the soldier is North Korean. That makes him no less intimidating though, does it?

Fans were quick to comment on Chase’s post, wishing him godspeed and a safe return, and even questioning his sanity for taking such a risky trip. But a few comments were from soldiers and civilians recommending sights to see and talking about the beauty of the country. And one very special one came from the wife of a soldier. Fan @baldwinmelll wrote, “Thank you for making the trip there to see our troops! My hubby is there and is amped to see you! It means a lot to the soldiers and their families! 🇺🇸🇺🇸”

And that is why they go.

A country star on foreign soil shares a frightening photo that stirred up concern on social media Instagram/@chaserice
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