“The Hollywood Medium” Tyler Henry recently made a trip to Nashville to help one of our favorite country stars connect with a late family member. Brett Eldredge met up with Tyler wanting to connect with his late grandfather, but he didn’t tell Tyler who he was hoping would come through from the great beyond.

That’s why Brett looks so stunned in this clip when Tyler starts describing a paternal figure in his family who was handy working on cars.

“That was my grandfather,” Brett says. “He had a car service gas station for 40 years. So, when you said that, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s what he did. He worked on cars.'”

Brett’s grandpa, Shirley, was always looking out for his family when it came to maintaining their vehicles properly.

Brett tells Tyler, “As kids, he’d always help us figure out how to change the oil and tell us how many pounds of air pressure you’re supposed to be putting it in your tires. That’s pretty wild. You hit that right on the head.”

You can see what else Brett found out from his late grandfather on “The Hollywood Medium,” airing Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on E!

As for Brett’s music career, his new self-titled album is out August 4, featuring his latest hit, “Something I’m Good At.”

A country star makes a chilling family connection on “The Hollywood Medium” E! Online
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