While weather continued to batter the eastern part of Texas, on August 27 and 28, many residents were getting a better look at the damage Hurricane Harvey had caused, and what was ahead of them as it bowed up for another round. And many country stars from Texas who have relocated to Nashville were eagerly awaiting updates from their family and friends back home.

Hardest by Hurricane Harvey is the greater Houston area, including country singer-songwriter RaeLynn’s Baytown home. Obviously concerned about her family’s safety, she was relieved to hear that they were fine, but heartbroken at the devastation in her own city.

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In true Texas style, though, RaeLynn sprang into action the best that she could from 500 miles away. She is making those who can and want to help aware of a way to do so. Her Baytown family church has become a disaster relief shelter for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and they could use a little help.

From additional photos that RaeLynn shared, her little church could soon be busting at the seams as the water continues to rise and the Brazos River is expected to crest at a record high on August 29. In fact, some residents have pitched tents on the roofs of their houses to either ride out the storm or await evacuation.

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While the news is difficult to watch, RaeLynn was also quick to share a ray of sunshine in these dismal circumstances. Another image on her Instagram page shows a line of trucks towing boats from neighboring Louisiana — which is next in the path of the weather — into Texas to aid in rescue efforts.

Way to “geaux” Louisiana, and continued prayers to our friends in Texas.

A country star issues a rallying cry for her hometown Instagram/@RaeLynnOfficial
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