A country singer takes on President Trump in fiery set of tweets Getty Images/Brian Bahr
Getty Images/Brian Bahr

There are those who love President Trump and those who feel the opposite, as well as those who try to keep quiet about their feelings either way in order to not cause too much of a ruckus. And then are those that not only have strong feelings about the President, but also happen to have a Twitter account that reaches thousands.

One of those people is Chely Wright.

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Best known for hit songs such as “Single White Female,” “It Was” and “Shut Up and Drive,” Chely has long expressed a liberal viewpoint and held powerful views on many subjects, including our President. “Seeing @realDonaldTrump’s cabinet and fellow @GOP members fall all over themselves to avoid disagreeing w/him in public is shameful,” she wrote in an Oct. 12 tweet.

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In a tweet just a day earlier, Chely weighed in on a video clip in which Trump appeared to suggest that gains in the stock market were helping to offset the national debt. “Good grief,” she wrote. “But you know what, it’s his M.O. though — to try leveraging unrealized gains into real money. It’s why all of his [businesses] fail.”


Of course, the beauty of the world today is that everyone has a chance to be heard. So what do you think? Should stars get involved in the never-ending political conversation?

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