When one is a country music artist, there is always a chance that a certain amount of your personal life will spill into your professional life.

It happens.

But recently, country singer Jason Michael Carroll — best known for his mid-2000s hits “Livin’ Our Love Song” and “Alyssa Lies” — took his complicated personal life to his socials all by himself, sharing a screenshot of a text he recently sent to his ex-wife in regards to some financial issues. But the story looks to be about a lot more than that.

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“This is me trying to communicate and get my ex wife’s bank account info so I can deposit my child support,” Jason wrote on his Facebook page on August 3. “If it’s this difficult to ‘pay’ her, imagine how difficult it is to actually get my time with my kids! We have never been ‘great’ together, but I had hoped that eventually she wouldn’t use the kids the way she has. We can’t speak on the phone, because reason and common sense don’t matter. Her game is getting back at me. She has told me she isn’t speaking to me, and if I ever want to see the kids, I can text them, but she also grounds them from their phones when they are home for disrespecting her (finding out later it was for standing up for us) and that typically happens when they are communicating too much with us.

“Reluctantly, I have tried to organize meeting my kids, with them directly,” he continues in his post. “No kids should ever be put in that situation. I spent two and a half hours in Oxford today trying to organize getting them … two and a half hours waiting! We were notified by my one of my kids that her uncle was going to bring her to our house. Disappointed, we left. A 30 minute ride back home. As we pulled in the driveway we were told that the uncle ‘couldn’t bring them anymore.’ Our court order is very clear about visitation. I know that all fathers may not be very involved with their kids, but I have always tried to be, constantly getting refused and neglected by my ex and the ‘Good Ole Boy’ Granville County court system.

“I know there are other fathers out there getting their time stolen by a vindictive ex and there needs to be some group or something to help make sure this doesn’t happen to them,” he adds. “It’s too late for me. I’m just hoping I can bring attention to this horrible situation and help others going through it. I’m tired.”

When one devoted fan commented that she worried about him making his personal life so public, Jason more than stood up for himself and his decisions, even lashing out a bit at the fan.

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“You’re right,” he wrote. “This just happened today for the first time, and I totally should’ve slept on it. I totally should’ve thought of that. I guess I also should’ve thought about posting nothin’ but happy pictures and been fake on my page. I’m sorry if this is a moment of me being real (or myself) isn’t something that’s accepted or welcome, but is who I am. Sorry.”

A country singer shares his painful custody fight on social media Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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