A country singer finally shares her side of sad split Instagram/@LindsayEll

Earlier this week we told you the sad news about radio broadcaster Bobby Bones and country artist Lindsay Ell. The two have parted ways after more than a year of dating.

And while Bobby was very vocal about the breakup on his nationally-syndicated morning show, Lindsay has remained quiet … until now.

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In a heartbreaking post on her Instagram, the singer is sharing her feelings on the split, and they are a little different than Bobby’s.

“Life is hard sometimes … and doesn’t always go the way you want,” Ell wrote.

“Love should always win, no matter what. But life isn’t always in our control. This isn’t what I wanted. But thank you for all your love and support over the past few days. You guys make me strong.”


In his announcement of the breakup, Bones placed the “blame” on the the alleged politics and bias of radio programmers and the stress that put on them both, professionally and personally.

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“We started dating and I was like, ‘We probably should think about this before we date, because it could probably hurt your career. Because other radio stations, Spotify, they’re gonna hold it against you because you’re dating me,'” he said on the air, recalling a conversation with Lindsay early in their relationship. “‘I don’t even know these people, but they’re gonna hold it against you,’ and they did,” he added.

Bobby even took it a step further, claiming a double standard based on Lindsay’s gender. He said that simply because Lindsay is a woman dating a man in radio, the situation was far worse that it would have been had the reverse been true.


“It just wouldn’t have happened if this were a dude,” he said. “Women already have it so tough in this industry. And then again, because she chose to date me … [she] is being penalized to this day.”

They’re obviously both hurting and heartbroken, but we applaud them for taking the high road and give kudos to Bobby for standing up for Lindsay.

We love you, Lindsay. It will get easier, and time truly does mend a broken heart.

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