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Life can look somewhat perfect through the lens of a camera. And from the looks of Dee Jay Silver and wife Jenna Perdue’s Instagram pages, it appears as if their life couldn’t get more magical — especially with the addition of their adorable son Wake 15 months ago.

Yet, the beauty of people like Dee Jay and Jenna is that they are also open to being honest about the tough times too, in the hope that people will learn from what they are going through.

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Jenna got candid on her Instagram page on Dec. 7 about some health issues that she has been going through in recent months. “Truth is, my thyroid sucks since pregnancy,” she wrote alongside a pic of herself and Wake, and another showing her working out with her trainer.

Jenna actually gave more details about the issue in a recent post on her blog, Blonde on the Bright Side.

“When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Wake, I developed a hypo-thyroid,” she shared. “I was forced to take thyroid medicine since his own thyroid didn’t work on it’s own yet. After delivery, my thyroid levels actually got worse. I decided that changing my diet might not fix my thyroid since the damage has been done, but maybe, just maybe, it can help to stop it from deteriorating further and I won’t have to take medication forever. That would be my ultimate wish. Get off the medicine. Since going pescatarian and boxing, I feel stronger and like I have more energy than ever!”

We know what you are thinking – what the heck is a pescatarian?

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“I completely cut out all chicken, pork and red meat and went full on pescatarian,” she explained in her blog. “I feel lighter and fresher! I missed some chicken meals for a little while, but now, I don’t miss it at all. (It actually really grosses me out.) I still eat fish here and there, especially when I’m in Florida.”

Jenna also has seen the benefits of regular workouts, which not only help in the physical department, but also emotionally when you are a busy wife, mother and businesswoman.


“Working out has always been a big part of my life, and I’ve touched on it in several blog posts before,” she wrote. “Since I last spoke on it, I have began boxing at Title and I absolutely love the workout! It is an hour of full body, mega cardio, hitting, sweaty fun!”

All of these changes will undoubtedly make for a wonderful 2018 for the whole family, which continues to also heal from some emotional wounds following the Oct. 1 shootings in Las Vegas, which Dee Jay and Jenna unfortunately witnessed firsthand.

“We’re not going let some [expletive] ruin this city for us,” says Dee Jay of the shooter in a new interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Vegas has a special place in my heart, and I’ll be damned if I let somebody like that take it away from me.”

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