Things got a little weird on Dan + Shay’s Twitter feed this week as they released their new single, “Road Trippin’.” Most of the comments from fans were very positive and supportive, but one guy wasn’t on board with the country duo’s approach to releasing their new song, it seems.

A guy named Adam, who says he’s supported Dan + Shay for a long time, tweeted to the guys about their new single, “Too bad there isn’t more hype — disappointing.” Adam says he has been to many of Dan + Shay’s shows, but he doesn’t think the team behind them is doing enough to promote their career.

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Dan + Shay saw the tweet from Adam expressing his disappointment and fired back, “You know what’s disappointing? Your attitude. Instead of constantly talking shit on us, our team, + our fans, how about you get a life?”

Adam wrote several more tweets after that trying to explain his position, but it seems really out of step with what’s going on with Dan + Shay’s career.

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In one tweet, Adam wrote, “You do realize I’ve supported you since day 1, right? Flew all around the country to attend your shows and encouraged you to be better?”

Abby Smyers, wife of the duo’s Dan Smyers, wrote him back, “Three consecutive No. 1s, multiple platinum and gold singles, sold out shows, kind, generous. How would you like them to ‘be better,’ Adam?”

Like any people in the public eye, Dan + Shay are used to people saying awful things about them online. The problem here is that Adam seemingly went after the duo’s fans and team.

The guys tried to end the whole exchange on a positive note, though.

A country duo goes off on Twitter against a so-called fan Getty Images/Christopher Polk
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