A country classic serves as the perfect backdrop to Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s classic love story YouTube

Former first lady Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan, died at her California home on the morning of March 6, 2016. She was 94 years old.

Politics aside, she was a pillar of poise for this country. During her time as first lady, she was intent on restoring a level of class and Kennedy-esque glamour to the White House. Her biggest accomplishments remain her “Just Say No” campaign to keep kids and teens off drugs, her role in raising millions of dollars for research in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and her support for stem cell research.

Beyond politics, she was the epitome of the saying “behind every good man is a good woman.” During Reagan’s presidency, she fiercely guarded her husband and later became his full-time caretaker as Alzheimer’s disease washed away his memory. When President Reagan passed in 2004, she dedicated herself to protecting his legacy.

Of all the things Nancy Reagan was known for, the devotion between she and “Ronnie” and their affection for each other was nothing short of legendary. Never fake, never assumed, never taken for granted. She loved her country and she loved her husband, and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for either of them.

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