A country beauty shows how she's moved on after a dreadful incident Instagram/@MeghanLinsey

What could have been tragic has turned into a major triumph for pretty country star Meghan Linsey. The former contestant from ?The Voice? was bitten on the face by a dangerous brown recluse spider, but instead of hiding away until she healed, Meghan boldly shared photos of the incident, from the time it happened all the way up to her now barely noticeable and still healing wound. But another picture that she shared recently has us focused a lot less on her face and more on the rest of her.

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Meghan was recently in Panama City, Florida for a show and, well, when in Florida, you hit the beach, right? You specially do so when you look like this pretty singer.

The stunning and shapely artist used Nutrisystem to lose 25 pounds last year and, according to her hashtags, that and #HardWork have kept the weight off nicely. But, Meghan also admits to being a real woman who embraces her curves. In another photo from the same trip, she looks like the perfect pin-up model in a white bikini, as she peers over the sand at the ocean. She hashtags that super sexy photo ?#NoThighGap,? referring to the space between a woman?s upper thighs that is thought to indicate a lack of fat.


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But, dang y?all! Who needs thigh gap with a body like that?

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