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Warning: the injuries shown in this video are hard to look at. But, we need to see them to fully understand just how gruesome and horrific the Las Vegas massacre of 2017 was, and how courageous and inspiring these female survivors are. Their stories will forever change you.

“Inside Edition” recently caught up with four women who were wounded during the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, five months after a gunman opened fire during Jason Aldean’s set outside the Mandalay Bay resort.

Natalie Grumet was celebrating 10 years of being breast cancer free when she attended the festival. But, her life flashed before her eyes when she was hit in the face by one of the bullets from the mass shooter hiding in a Mandalay Bay hotel room.

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“My whole left side just felt like something just lit it on fire—severe pain. I remember laying on the ground holding my face and thinking, ‘I can’t be celebrating 10 years of remission and die at this concert.’”

The bullet shattered her jaw and fractured her chin in half.

“I try to remember what it was like to get up and go to work and not wake up all night long with a night terror or a nightmare,” Natalie said.

Tiffany Huizar, a high school senior, was shot in her elbow and stomach. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Tiffany while she recovered in the hospital.

“He was like, ‘I can’t even imagine my kid having to go through anything like this,” she says President Trump told her.

Chelsea Romo, a mother of two, was in the front row when the gunfire began to rain on the crowd. She said she remembers her girlfriend telling her to duck, but it was too late: a bullet took out one of her eyes.


“[My friend said] said, ‘Chelsea your face!; I was like, ‘Oh no.’ I just told her, ‘I can’t see.'” she recalled of that night.

She was completely blind at first, but doctors were able to save one eye. With the help of a special contact, Chelsea has had vision restored in that eye. She has multiple surgeries and skin grafts ahead of her before doctors can implant a prosthetic in her other eye.

Rachel Sheppard is a beautiful 27-year-old whose world was also turned upside down that fateful night. She was hit with three bullets in her upper body, an injury that left her with a scar that runs from her chest down below her abdomen.

“When I see it, it’s just a constant reminder,” she said of the scar. “It was so chaotic, it just felt like a dream, like, ‘Is this really happening? Was I really shot?’”

Now, Rachel is in physical therapy to help rebuild her strength since she lost all mobility in her left side.


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We can’t even begin to imagine what these women—and all the 500 wounded—go through every single day. The physical and emotional trauma of an event like this is too haunting and too heartbreaking to even comprehend.

We send all of our love and gratitude to them for sharing their stories so we may never forget their bravery.

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