Watching this guy try to valet a NASCAR truck is hysterical YouTube/CleetusMcFarland
Youtube/Cleetus McFarland

As NASCAR fans were winding down over an eventful Daytona 500, one fan was just revving up when it comes to his fandom for the all American sport.

His name is Garrett Mitchell, but most people know him as internet sensation Cleetus McFarland, whose auto-based YouTube videos have quite a following.

“Becoming Cleetus McFarland was a pure accident,” he said in a 2017 interview with Street Race Magazine. “We were out on Rocky Mountain Race Week in Pueblo, Colorado. I went to Walmart to get some stuff and there was this red Chevy shirt for five bucks and I bought it, ripped off the sleeves and I told Kyle [Loftis, CEO of 1320Video] to interview me in front of Tom Bailey’s 3000-horsepower twin-turbo Camaro street car. While I was standing there, he turned on his phone and asked what he should call me, and I originally said, ‘Dale McFarland.’ He starts videoing and he goes, ‘We are standing here with … Cleetus McFarland,’ laughs, and I was like, ‘Yup,’ and just went on with it, made the video. He couldn’t stop laughing; he thought it was pretty funny. He was like, ‘Oh, we have to post this.’ I didn’t think it was that funny. So I went to bed and Kyle stayed up, edited a video and posted it. By the time I woke up, the video had almost a million views. Cleetus was a total accident, but from there I decided to run with it and make something out of it.”

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His latest stunt is going viral this week, as Cleetus attempted to valet his NASCAR Dale Earnhardt truck. And, of course, there were some hilarious results.

“This here is my NASCAR,” he tells his audience in the video. “We call it my Dale truck. It’s a full-blown NASCAR that we have made into a street truck. We are at the Cheesecake Factory and we are going to try and valet this thing.”


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As he revved up the engine, Cleetus started acting as if he had just gotten off the Daytona 500 track. “Oh hell yeah brother,” he exclaimed to the valet, looking the part wearing a race suit and helmet. “I just got done with my Daytona 500. I’ve been going 200 laps.”

Of course, hilarity ensues when the poor valet realized what was going on. “You gotta take the steering wheel off,” Cletus tells him, instructing the valet how to climb into the truck through the window. “It has no power steering and the brakes sorta suck.”

Check out the full video below.

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