Life is filled with many perks when you are NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. First, you get to make a living doing what you love. Then, you get to talk a loyal contingent of fans whenever you want to. And of course when you want to blow off some steam, you can jump in your racecar and go 200 miles per hour without any cop in the county giving you a ticket.

Gosh, it’s good to be Dale Jr.

But heck, it also looks like it’s good to be Dale Jr.’s dog.

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In an Instagram video shared on July 30, Dale Jr. and his wife Amy’s adorable dog Gus is shown drinking water from the sink. And from the description of the video, this sounds like a common thing for the star doggie.

Will only drink water from the sink. #GusLife #spoileddog

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“Will only drink water from the sink,” wrote Dale Jr. along with the hashtag #spoileddog.

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Of course, Gus should enjoy being spoiled at the moment. The NASCAR couple has long talked about starting a family and, for right now, that family includes one furry and spoiled pup. But the love these two lather on their pet is something to cherish and shows what good parents these two are meant to be.

This video of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s pampered pooch will have you in hysterics Instagram/DaleJr
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