This gorgeous NASCAR wife dishes on how she stays healthy and fit Instagram/@samanthabusch

NASCAR wife Samantha Busch is taking her 2018 health goals to the next level, and keeping all of us accountable, too.

The wife of driver Kyle Busch and and mom of their 2-year-old son, Brexton, is also a fitness guru, and checked in with everyone on her Instagram Jan. 18 to make sure we are honoring our commitments to wellness in the new year. She also offered up a little inspiration to keep on keeping on!

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“Alright, we are halfway into January and wanting to check on how your new year health goals are going,” Samantha asked her 106,000 Instagram followers. “What are they?”

Well, Samantha, we’re embarrassed to say ours aren’t as awe-inspiring as yours. But one look at your list has got us making bigger plans for the rest of the year! Y’all check hers out.

First: “Drink more water. (I haven’t been great at this yet),” Samantha admitted.

Secondly: “Add more protein to my diet. (I’m doing awesome with this, I posted a bunch of new yummy plant-based proteins I found on my IG Story can post again if you need.)”

And lastly: “Lift heavier to build more muscle. (Working hard at this. I always stick with the same weight and lots of reps so it’s an adjustment trying heavier weights and lower reps, but I’m working it into my routine better.)”

Dang, sister, you are our inspiration, and the motivator for a lot of fans and followers, too.

One fan commented, “Girl, you are my inspo! Gotta start somewhere! Your tips have been very helpful and I started yesterday!”

Another commented, “Such an inspiration for me to stay on track, thank you so much!”

We also agree with this comment: “I like how you stay motivated by writing it out and timing yourself. I will try that as well!”


And we can’t slack off. After all, did you see this video of Samantha working on her abs by the ocean?!

Fitness doesn’t take a vacation, y’all! (Dangit.)

Okay, guys, we may have just found the motivation we needed to kick it into high gear this year.

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If you haven’t seen her “10 By 10 Workout,” you need to. She has a full blog post about it on


We are out of breath just watching—but totally inspired! Let’s get it! Abs, here we come!

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