Tears fall as Danica Patrick’s mom talks about her daughter YouTube/FOXSports

If you are really lucky, you will be able to have your parents right by your side as you accomplish some of life’s most lofty goals. And for Danica Patrick, her goals included making it in NASCAR.

Her parents have loved watching every minute of it.

Shortly before Danica hung up her driving suit at the conclusion of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, she and her family were able to sit down for a moment with Fox Sports to talk about her NASCAR career and how she wants to be remembered.

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“It seems like it’s all gone very fast,” explained Danica’s dad, TJ Patrick, during the interview with Fox Sports’ Jamie Little. “It started when she was 10 years old. Now she is 35.”

“We were at the airport,” added Danica’s mom Bev, emotionally reflecting on the moment a teenage Danica left home to pursue a racing career. “I almost get those feelings all over again. She says bye and she is all happy with her suitcase going down the aisle, and me and TJ are sitting there bawling.”

“If she wanted to be a racer, that’s what she had to do,” added TJ.

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As previously reported by Rare Country, while Danica was forced out of the Daytona 500 much earlier than she had hoped, she seems very content at the role she played within the sport as she now waves goodbye to it.

“I hope people remember me as a good driver and that I was determined and feisty and a good person,” Danica said in the interview. “I try to be a good person, and I try to be kind and I try to be fair and I hope people remember that.”


Oh, we have no doubt they will, Danica.

Shortly after departing her stock car for the last time, Danica reflected on how things at Daytona didn’t quite go as planned. “It was competitive. That’s all you can do,” Danica said in an interview with ESPN. “That’s the gamble about Daytona. It can go so well and it can go so awful.”

Next up for Danica is running in the Indianapolis 500 in May.

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