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We can’t say that we blame Samantha Busch for being a little suspicious of her hubby, NASCAR star Kyle Busch in the video below.

Any time that cell phone goes up and doesn’t move, you can always pretty much bet video is being shot.

And although this video of the couple on date night is far from incriminating, it’s pretty hilarious … at Samantha’s expense, naturally.

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Apparently, while these two lovebirds were out on a date, Samantha enjoyed a few drinks. Well, according to her hubby, who can’t seem to stop picking on her in the video he tweeted, maybe she had more than a couple …

“So, she had 1 or 2 or 3 glasses … not sure.  [You] tell me. Love her,” he posted lovingly.

Did we just hear him tell her to, “Keep it steady?!” Seriously, can’t a girl just enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine?! Leave her alone, Kyle! These two are too cute and funny, and their followers agreed.

“Love her, too! Such a fan of this family,” one wrote. Another commented, “Y’all are the cutest, I swear! #goals.”

But, we’re more inclined to agree with this particular comment regarding the situation at hand: “That was mean. Trust me, she will get you back!”

Oh, you better believe it, Kyle. Payback is headed your way, big time. And you know what they say about karma.  But, he’s willing to risk it. After all, he has a reputation to uphold!

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One fan tweeted, “If I could only view one Twitter account for the rest of my life, it would be Kyle Busch’s account.”

To which Kyle replied, “That’s an honor. I tend to find myself highly entertaining as well.”

For Samantha’s part, she remembered the night a little differently.

Apparently, it was three glasses of wine. Gosh, what we wouldn’t give to hang out with these two. We just hope that if they did end up onstage at this improv, there’s video coming soon. Samantha took to Instagram a few days later with an adorable PDA pic with her husband and the simple caption, “Drunk in love.”


They are definitely couple goals for us all. Marriage is hard work, but laughter makes any situation instantly better. And these two are certainly never afraid to laugh together—even if it is sometimes at the expense of each other. But that’s OK, because there are date nights and moments like one this to balance it all out.

Have fun, you crazy lovebirds!

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