Meet the hot new racer with NASCAR in her sights Instagram/Julia Landauer
Instagram/Julia Landauer

As NASCAR continues to go through quite the identity crisis at the moment, the popular racing series is experimenting with rule changes, track changes and changes to the philosophy that made it one of the country’s most watched sports.

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But what if the answers were much simpler?

What if they just need to change up the drivers that jump in the cars every weekend?

Julia Landauer thinks that just might be the answer.

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The up-and-coming driver, who started racing at the age of 13 and became the first female champion in the 31-year history of the Skip Barber Series, is currently craving the chance to show her stuff in NASCAR’s premier series. But sometimes, it’s just not that easy.

“The trick is to get big enough—successful and/or popular enough—that a really good team wants to hire you, so that you can get in a good car,” Julia says in a recent interview with Bloomberg. “Why are cosmetic companies not into it? Why are pharmacy brands? Feminine hygiene? That’s what we’re working on. I’d love to have a tampon on the side of my car. It would be so great.”

Her pitch to potential sponsors? “I’m just like, ‘Please just get me in a car, and I’ll make you guys money,” she explains. “‘Invest now to pay off a little bit.’ ”

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