Flashback to one of the most horrifying crashes in NASCAR history Youtube/NASCAR

If you are a NASCAR fan, there are moments that will never be erased from your mind. There have been joyous celebrations in victory lane, hectic disagreements on pit road and scary accidents out on the track.

And Michael Waltrip’s accident back in 1990 was one of NASCAR’s scariest ever.

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The accident occurred in Turn 2 at Bristol Motor Speedway, and once it was done, Michael’s car was literally torn in half. As safety crews hurried to reach Michael, they peeled away the outside of the car to reveal Michael’s slumped over body in the cockpit.

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“Praise God that he’s alive,” Michael’s brother Darrell told NASCAR driver-turned-broadcater Benny Parsons shortly after Michael made his way to the infield care center. “I was standing looking right at it and I couldn’t move. I just froze,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. The car disintegrated and I knew he was in it. I thought he was hurt but I walked up there and the car is gone and everything is gone and the roll cage is all bowed up and I looked at him and he looked at me and he winked. So Mom and Dad, he’s a Waltrip. He’s got a pretty hard head.”

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