Find out why this pic got a NASCAR wife weepy Instagram/SamanthaBusch
Instagram/Samantha Busch

NASCAR fans thought they knew Kyle Busch. They assumed he was one of those tough guys that didn’t show his heart too often. They assumed he spent more time cranky than not. And they assumed the hard-nosed racer was a lot like that at home, too.

But that was all before he married Samantha.

And that was before he became daddy to Brexton in May of 2015.

And that was certainly before the couple started sharing their lives on social media.

Now, Kyle can be seen through a much more heartwarming lens, often in pictures and videos showing off his kind heart and jovial attitude with his adorable son. And yes, both of these boys ended up getting Samantha all sappy in a recent Instagram post.

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“Oh, my baby isn’t a baby anymore,” Samantha wrote on Feb. 12 alongside an adorable pic of the two men in her life working on a model car. “We are now two nights in a row without a paci (ya, I know, finally!), basically potty trained, and tonight he was working on RC cars with Daddy out in the garage. Luckily he is still in love with his Mommy (literally I get five million kisses and hugs a day and I hope it never stops!), but pics like this make him just seem too grown up!!”

Oh, Samantha, we have all been there.

Sort of sneaks up on ya, doesn’t it?

Of course, it’s nice to see Kyle with a smile on his face, especially since he had a bit of a disappointing finish in the Clash at Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 11.

“The race was kind of backwards,” said Kyle in a post-race interview with after finishing seventh, despite wrecking during the race. “Early on, we were getting kind of dicey and more things happening then instead of later in the race. The second half was kind of single file. Normally, it’s the other way around. It was just unfortunate that we got caught up in that, and I wish we were a little farther ahead at that time.”

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Of course, like everyone else, Kyle is now busy looking forward to the Daytona 500 on Feb. 18, hoping that he ends up in victory lane. “I would like to see more separation if we can get that with something in order to make the race where drivers have to come more into play instead of just driving the heck out of your car, because your car is the same as the guy in front of you,” Kyle said in the interview. “Overall, we’ll take this as a learning experience with this new package and head into the 500.”

And if he does end up in victory lane, we know two people who will be there ready to give him a huge hug.

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