Does Danica Patrick ever leave the gym?

The soon-to-be retired NASCAR driver recently flaunted her sweaty abs in a post-workout photo that she shared to Instagram.

“Aftermath…… sweat angels as @jonferrey called them! 😜 😇,” she captioned the image in which she and an equally-sweaty friend are lying on the floor of the gym.

Earlier, Patrick shared another post-workout photo and shared the details of said workout in the caption.

Needless to say, it was pretty intense.

Since keeping in shape is a job requirement for both Patrick and her new squeeze, NFL star Aaron Rodgers, it’s no surprise they’ve bonded over working out. Danica has a new fitness book titled “Pretty Intense,” and she’s been putting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron through the wringer with her routines.

During her recent interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “For the Win,” which was reported on by CBS Sports, Danica said, “We worked out together and things like that. Put him through some ab workouts.”

TMZ recently shared a photo of the the couple, whom they’re calling “Aaronica.” In the shot, they’re both looking pretty casual and wearing sunglasses. They appear to be very comfortable with each other, and it looks like they could be just any other couple hanging out. However, this couple is made up of two of the most celebrated athletes in the country.

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