Sure, it still might be mighty hot around the country, but there is a mighty group of NASCAR fans already eager for Christmas to roll around.

Or rather, they are eager for the day after Christmas to roll around.

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Indeed, December 26 marks the first day in which NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick’s new book will be available. Titled “Pretty Intense,” and being pitched as a “90-day mind, body and food plan that will absolutely change your life,” Danica has long been working on the book and sharing that often tedious process with her fans on her socials.

On August 22, she shared a pic of the inside of the book, including a fitness shot of Danica that proves that whatever she is doing, it’s working.

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“Just went through my final edits with my writer for @prettyintensebydanica and I am soooooo excited😃and relieved,” she wrote. “I have worked so hard on this book. I hope it will bring you as much happiness as the reason for writing it has done (and is still doing) for me!!!! Get ready to join the #pitribe.”

Danica Patrick reveals sexy new body shot from her new book Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images
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